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Service Price List - November 2014

Retail price list
all repair prices include vat at 20%
Service or repair to movement (Mechanism)
group A
standard 2/3 hand watches, duo display, basic digital watches and all clocks
For all pulsar & lorus repairs including movement
servicing, part jobs, bracelets & straps, we will
supply a new replacement watch. Prices will be
based upon the rrp of the watch as follows:

£15.00 - £29.99 £17.00
£30.00 - £39.99 £24.00
£40.00 - £49.99 £30.00
£50.00 - £59.99 £37.00
£60.00 - £79.99 £45.00
£80.00+ £52.00
group B
group A type 50+ metres water resistant, day/date watches and multi function digital watches
group C
standard kinetic, auto relay, chronograph, perpetual calender and world time
group D
kinetic chronographs and divers watches
From £155
special calibre watches
Grand Seiko, Astron GPS Solar, Spring Drive, Ananta, Premier, Lassale, Jean Lassale
price on application
Part jobs (glass, stem and crown, dial and/or hands etc.) includes new battery/pressure test when case back removed.
with service parts only
standard watch parts £23.00 £31.50 not applicable
50m+ water resistant watches £30.00 £41.00
divers watches £51.00 £62.00
sapphire or sapphlex glass £37.50 £45.00
parts for special calibre watches price on application
Bracelets, straps and bracelet repairs (including adjustments)
bracelet - stainless steel £43.50 not applicable
bracelet - gold plated / two-tone £59.50
bracelet - titanium / stone set / ceramic £71.50
strap - standard Seiko (all types) £33.50
special calibre bracelets and straps (as above listings) price on application
bracelet repair or adjustment £23.00 £15.00 £15.00
bracelet repair - titanium models £34.00 £15.00 £15.00
special calibre bracelet repairs (as above listings) price on application not applicable
Battery & re-sealing
Replace battery and/or re-seal £21.60 £15.00 £10.00
Replace battery and/or re-seal (50m+ water resistant) £32.00 £21.00 £15.00
Replace battery and/or re-seal (Divers types) £53.60 £42.50 not applicable
Administration and handling
post & packing - first class not applicable £4.20 £4.20
post & packing - signed for first class £6.00 £6.00 £6.00
post & packing - special delivery £9.00 £9.00 £9.00
technical reports (upon request) £30.00 £30.00 £30.00

Service Repair Information - Seiko, Pulsar and Lorus
Repair categories for Seiko watches
The service categories of our Seiko watch products are detailed in the relevant groupings on the price list.
Special calibre watches
This refers to Grand Seiko, Astron GPS Solar, Spring Drive, Ananta, Premier, Lassale, Jean Lassale. Please note all repair categories are POA.
Older or special watches (including precious metal casing parts)
Due to the long and varied history of Seiko watches, we regret that we are unable to detail every variation on this price list and therefore we may write to you concerning special charges. This may include some of our older models that require the extra attention necessary to ensure the standard of service or repair that our customers expect.
Older parts
Unfortunately, some components of watches made before 1999 may now be unavailable for after sales service. We will of course endeavour to service or repair these watches, but we may find that we are unable to source a required part to complete the repair. In these cases we may offer a new watch at a discounted price. Please contact 01628 770988 for details.
Retail prices
The recommended retail price list is published on our website and applies to all repairs sent directly to Seiko UK Ltd.
Standard movement service
  • In all cases you may be assured that a trained watchmaker or highly skilled technician will conduct a thorough diagnostic examination of the watch and movement.
  • To ensure that the watch is returned to you as quickly as possible, we will generally fit a replacement movement, however, if a replacement movement is not available, the original will be disassembled and thoroughly cleaned, replacing any of the movement parts where necessary.
  • Where applicable a new Seiko battery will be fitted, free of charge, and gaskets will be replaced to restore water resistance to the original standard.
  • The casing and bracelet will be brushed and ultrasonically tank cleaned.
  • The watch timing and, where applicable, energy consumption, will be tested using the latest electronic equipment and 50m+ water resistant watches will be pressure tested to the relevant specification.
  • Lastly, all repaired watches will be visually checked to ensure that the requested work has been completed to the required satisfactory standard and to the stringent guidelines set by Seiko.
Part jobs
For all part jobs where the case back is removed we will fit a new Seiko battery free of charge. Gaskets will be replaced where applicable and the watch will be pressure tested to ensure that it conforms to the original specification of water resistance.
Glass replacement
If the glass is broken or badly cracked, we will always recommend that a full service is carried out. However if a customer insists that a glass only be fitted and we deem that a service is necessary to return the watch to full working order, Seiko UK Ltd reserve the right to return the watch unrepaired.
Water resistant watches
Water resistance cannot be guaranteed. We recommend that watches are tested for water resistance every 2-3 years to check for natural deterioration of lubricants and seals and possible damage to glass, crown and case.
Where estimates are requested for repairs that are clearly designated on this price list, we will charge an estimate administration fee. If the estimate is subsequently proceeded this charge will be waived. A charge will not be applied if the repair is Price On Application. Please note that we do not check the availability of parts until we have been given authorisation to proceed and regret that sometimes we are unable to complete the repair due to the discontinuation of a required part.
Service warranty
All movement service work is guaranteed for the following periods:
Seiko: 12 months Pulsar: 6 months Lorus: 6 months
A signed Certificate of Care will accompany the returned repair as an assurance of our workmanship.
Turnaround times for repairs
Our turnaround time is normally 2-15 working days (including delivery) from the date it arrives at our Service Centre. However watches that have been purchased overseas or were not part of a UK range may take longer to complete if parts are required to be sourced.
Postage and packing
Our Service Centre address is: SUKL, SC House, Vanwall Road, Maidenhead, SL6 4UW. Repairs will be returned by Royal Mail First Class (Pulsar and Lorus) or Royal Mail First Class Signed For. Some higher value items will be automatically returned by Royal Mail Special Delivery and this service is also available on request for items of particular sentimental value.
Presentation boxes
Please do not send your presentation or gift boxes with the repair as these may get damaged in the postal system.

If you wish to contact our Customer Services Department please call 01628 770988,
alternatively you could send an e-Mail to
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