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Service Price List - Effective from 04-JAN-2011

Retail Service Repair Prices - Seiko, Pulsar, Lorus, Disney and Nike
Recommended Retail Prices inc. VAT @ 20%  Seiko  Pulsar
Movement (mechanism) service
Group A  £54.02  £37.79  £21.60
Group B  £75.62  £48.61  £27.01
Group C  £91.81  £59.39  £59.39
Group D  POA  POA  N/A
Part Jobs (glass, crown, pusher, dial & hands, etc.
Divers watches  £60.00  POA  N/A
150m & 200m water resistant  £43.20  £30.64  N/A
50m & 100m water resistant  £36.00  £25.22  £19.81
Other watches  £27.01  £18.07  £16.19
Case repair  POA  POA  POA
Sapphire or Sapphlex glass  £43.20  £37.79  N/A
Bracelet and strap
Repair or alter bracelet (stainless steel and two-tone)  £21.60  £16.19  £16.19
Repair or alter bracelet (gold finish and coated)  £27.01  £21.60  £21.60
Repair or alter bracelet (titanium, stone set & Seiko Elite)  £32.42  £27.01  £27.01
Replace bracelet (stainless steel)  £43.20  £27.01  £16.19
Replace bracelet (two-tone)  £54.02  £32.42  £21.60
Replace bracelet (gold finish and coated)  £70.21  £43.20  £26.90
Replace bracelet (titanium, stone set & Seiko Elite)  POA  POA  POA
Replace straps (all types)  £32.38  £21.60  £16.19
Battery & re-sealing
Replace battery and re-seal (Divers types)  £54.02  £43.20  N/A
Replace battery and re-seal (150m & 200m water resistant types)  £37.79  £27.01  N/A
Replace battery and re-seal (50m & 100m water resistant types)  £32.42  £21.60  £16.19
Replace battery and re-seal (all other types)  £21.60  £14.40  £10.82
Technical reports  £40.34  £40.34  £40.34
Post & packing (1st Class)  £3.00  £3.00  £3.00
Post & packing (1st Class & Recorded)  £4.20  £4.20  £4.20
Post & packing (Special Delivery)  £7.80  £7.80  £7.80

Service Repair Information - Seiko, Pulsar, Lorus, Disney and Nike
Repair categories
Group A - Standard 2/3 hand watches, duo display watches, basic digital watches and all clocks.
Group B - All type A that are 50m+ and/or 10 years old and over, all multi-function digital watches.
Group C - Standard Kinetic, Auto Relay, Chronograph, Perpetual Calendar and World Time
Group D - Mechanical watches that are 10 years old and over, Kinetic Chronographs, Divers and any type not listed above.
Older watches
We put older quartz watches in Group A into Group B because more work is required to make sure thay are reliable. Parts for watches made before 1995 are unlikely to be available.
Standard movement service
To return the watch to you as quickly as possible we will generally fit a replacement movement (new or refurbished). We will also replace the battery free of charge. All watches are re-sealed with new gaskets as required. If a replacement movement is not available, we will thoroughly clean and test the original movement, replacing parts where necessary. All 50m+ water resistant models are then tested to the relevant standard. We always recommend a standard movement service for a watch when the glass is badly cracked or broken.
Please note that we reserve the right to supply a special quotation if the watch is so worn and corroded that a standard movement service will not be sufficient.
Bracelet replacement
We use an average pricing policy for bracelets by category, except titanium, stone set and bracelets for Seiko Elite series.
Part Jobs
Part jobs are defined as: replace crown/stem/push button, replace standard glass, replace hands and/or dial, refit/replace bezel/rotating ring. When a case back is removed during a part job, we will fit a new battery free of charge.
Service guarantee
All movement service work is guaranteed for the following periods:
Seiko: 12 months. Pulsar, Lorus, Disney, Nike: 6 months.
Water resistant watches
Water resistance cannot be guaranteed. We recommend that watches are tested for water resistance every 2-3 years to check for natural deterioration of lubricants and seals and possible damage to glass, crown and case.
Turnaround times for repairs
Normally 2-15 working days from the date it arrives with us. Occasionally you will handle products which have been purchased overseas and are not part of the UK range. It may take us longer to complete work on those products as special parts may have to be obtained.
Replacement watches/clocks
If we offer you a replacement watch/clock instead of a repair, we reserve the right to replace it with the nearest alternative model.
Gift boxes
It is difficult and expensive to return presentation boxes with repairs, so please keep these to one side
Postage and packing
We can offer an alternative of special delivery (registered post) at a cost of £6.50 (excl. VAT) for customers who wish added security for goods of particular sentimental value. For some higher value items we will use special delivery and invoice accordingly.
Special and unusual watches
We cannot detail every variation in this price list, so occasionally we will write to you concerning special charges. For Spring Drive, Ananta, Lassale, Jean Lassale and precious metal watches, all repair categories are POA.
Repairs address
Please address all parcels to SUKL, SC House, Vanwall Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 4UW.

If you wish to contact our Customer Services Department please call 01628 770988,
alternatively you could send an e-Mail to
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